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04 September 2008 @ 08:18 am
WHO: Jim and Michael, at first. Then it's Jam time.
WHEN: backdated to yesterday, early afternoon (oops!)
WHERE: the office, then Pam's apartment in New York
WHY: it's plot. and cuz I said so.

Not being with you is scary.Collapse )
25 August 2008 @ 11:42 pm
Sorry I haven't been updating... I am in the process of moving across the state.  I barely even have any time to eat.  My move will be over around the first of September, so hopefully I will be back.  Sorry about all of this and if I have time this week, I'll get in an update.  Thank you for understanding.  This has been a hectic month.  :(
14 August 2008 @ 04:26 pm
 Pam was feeling really restless.  A couple days cooped up in one's apartment does that.  She had spent the whole day coming up with pranks and trying to figure out how the CDC could think this was a quarantine situation.  Apparently, someone had gotten very sick, and everyone somehow had contact with this person, but how?  She could understand the security guard thing, but there were other lingering questions.  She had a slight headache, and rubbed at her temples.  She dialed Jim's number and, listening to it ring, waited for him to answer.
03 August 2008 @ 09:05 am
Michael sat at his desk for a moment, tenting his fingers under his chin.  There were matters to be discussed within the office, and the best way to do it was to call a conference.  He wasn't sure yet what he was going to talk about, or if he was going to show a movie.  He thought intently for a while, picking up his train whistle and examining it.  After a moment, he knew what he was going to do.

He stood up and exited his office, standing just behind Jim.  He cleared his throat, "Alright everyone, listen up.  Conference time.  Everyone get into the meeting room, we have things to talk about.  Jen, I'm going to need you to take notes since Pam's not here.  She'll be on speaker phone."

He looked at his watch.  9:05am.  Time to begin.
01 August 2008 @ 12:08 pm
Pam was worried about Jim.  She realized that the stress of everything that was going on must have been starting to take it's toll on him, and she wasn't surprised.  She thought for a moment of visiting him, because she felt that she'd be better able to cheer him up and support him in person.  She was sure that his hair was growing kind of long, and that he'd need a hair cut, as well.   For right now, though, a call would have to suffice.  She needed to hear his voice, even if it wasn't in person, and even though she had just called him while he was at work.

She picked up her phone and dialed his number, listening to it ring.
30 July 2008 @ 11:55 pm
Michael had just finished talking to Holly about different things.  Jim had walked in in the middle of their conversation, and after a few minutes he had been ushered out of the room due to the need for privacy between Holly and Michael.  Michael felt bad for Jim, as he considered Jim one of his closest friends and knew that Jim had gone into his office with something on his mind.  Jim had actually said as much.  Michael looked out through his now open door and saw the back of Jim's head, and the solitaire on Jim's computer screen.

"Jim!  Come on in, buddy."  He called.
29 July 2008 @ 02:23 pm
Pam picked up her phone, shaky since her exchange with Michael.  She couldn't believe that he would transfer her over something so stupid.  One thing was for certain, though:  Jim had to know immediately.  She knew that there would be nothing, ultimately, that Jim could do, but this was something that had the potential to put a major kink in their plans.

She listened to the line ring, willing him to answer.
It had been a busy morning for one Holly Flax, and she had only just been there about an hour or so.  She was beginning to think Toby was not very motivated to get any work done during his last few days there. But the office certainly kept her on her toes. Pam Beesly was going to be gone for three months at art school, so they were in the process of finding a temporary replacement for her. Michael's way of accomplishing that was a bit on the... unorthodox side. She'd explained the report situation to one of the cameras earlier while she was in the breakroom getting a drink. "Some of these papers just need to be signed by Michael, which surely doesn't take an act of God to accomplish, right?" she shrugged. "Then again... they weren't really bosom buddies, were they? Not that I blame him. Toby was kind of a drag. And Michael is very funny." Cue little smile here, before she quickly added in. "Humor is such a great way to boost morale and productivity." Which brought her to today, where she could be found carrying a stack of papers to Michael's office, mostly the infamous report he needed to work on and some things to sign, dropping a few in the process. But Kevin was very helpful to pick them up for her. She somehow managed to knock on Michael's door awkwardly without dropping anything else.
18 July 2008 @ 07:38 pm
Angela hurried home from work and started to get her house ready for  Dwight to come over.  She checked the vegetable lasagna in the oven probably 50 times.  She never got this nervous about Dwight coming over, however, today her stomach was full of butterflies.  She contemplated lighting candles on the table, but settled for dimming the lights a bit.  When it seemed there was nothing else she could do to prepare for the evening, she went to the bedroom and put on the blue cardigan Dwight had always loved.  She made sure her hair and make-up were okay and settled down on the couch.  She tried not to look at the clock as each minute dragged slowly past.
14 July 2008 @ 11:04 pm
 Jim finished as much as he could with his work and left an hour and a half early from work--clearing it with Michael first, of course. 
"Just because you're going to see your girlfriend doesn't mean you can leave early, Jim," Dwight said as Jim was packing his things up. 
"Oh, really? Interesting," Jim said. "Okay, have a good weekend everyone," he called out to the office workers. 
"Michael!" Dwight said as he got up from his desk to go to Michael's office. Jim smiled and left, waving to his sister. 
"I'll call you when I get there, ok? You'll be the first one I call afterward," Jim said to Jen. It was true. Jim Halpert was finally going to  offically propose to his girlfriend of almost a year, Pamela Beesley.

He carefully rushed to New York, to Pam's apartment, found the hide-away key she made specially for him, and opened the apartment door. "Wow." He said to himself. This was exactly how her old apartment was. A bit messy.  He dropped his things onto her bed, then went back downstairs to get the rest of his things.

Jim only had about a half hour to set up everything. He called out for some pizza, and the entire time he was on the phone, Pam's neighbor started pounding on the wall. Then, he carefully put up little Christmas lights around the apartment, and some candles--not enough to make the smoke detector to go off, though. He then took the bouquets of flowers he bought on the way up and put them anywhere he could find a place. After which he took two dozen roses, tore off the pedals and put them on the bed (which he cleared off) and also on the floor in the entry way. Now all he had to do was wait semi-patiently.